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Dr Stephen Gordon, Plastic Surgeon owns and operates Complete Cosmetic Surgery Center

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Quality & Safety is our Culture

Designed for Dr. Gordon by award winning architect Robert Sherman, Complete Cosmetic Surgery Center has been diligently serving the Las Vegas community in the same location for nearly 20 years.  In fact, Dr Gordon is arguably the most experienced plastic surgeon in Las Vegas based upon years spent in plastic surgical practice. Dr Gordon has seen and performed a vast variety of plastic surgeries both in Atlanta GA 1979-1997, Las Vegas 1997 to the present, Mexico and around the world. Dr. Gordon has limited his practice to exclusively cosmetic surgery, and expects to continue his extraordinary career for another 2 decades. When patients come to Complete Cosmetic Surgery Center most of the time spent is face to face with Dr. Gordon. He will analyze your situation and provide you with more insights and information than just about anyone anywhere. Tailor made solutions to fit your circumstances. Feeling and looking better from the inside out. We are who you should call for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery services.

Looking better & feeling better – from the Inside Out!

About Our Surgery Center

To earn its accreditation, Complete Cosmetic Surgery Center in Las Vegas, like every AAAASF accredited ambulatory surgery facility, must meet stringent national standards for general environment, general safety, blood and medication, medical records, quality assessment/improvement, personnel, operating room, recovery room, and anesthesia. The end result is that the accredited facility makes a commitment toward maintaining safety and quality in the ambulatory surgery facility. As the leading accrediting organization for ambulatory facilities, AAAASF has developed the systems to effectively monitor and implement the latest advances in outpatient care delivery that directly benefit patients.

Complete Cosmetic Surgery Center in Las Vegas can demonstrate that they have met the highest standards in patient care and safety. Meeting the “Gold Standard” requirements elevates the patient safety awareness of every member of the staff and improves the quality of care.
AAAASF has been a major proponent for peer review reporting and quality improvement in the outpatient surgery environment. It is the mission of AAAASF to develop and implement standards of excellence to improve quality of patient care and safety through a program of inspection and accreditation that serves both the medical community and the public.

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