Breast Augmentaion FAQs

Breast Augmentaion FAQs

Dr. Stephen Gordon

Q&APatient:  “I used to have small perky breasts and then I had a breast augmentation. Now, my breasts are uneven, low and sagging on my chest and when I lie down they slide into my armpits!! What happened?”

DrG: This is a common problem after breast augmentation using large, smooth, round implants. Fortunately this can be corrected and I recommend using the newer fifth generation implants.

Patient: “My breasts are saggy. Some doctors say I need a breast lift and others say all I need is a breast implant. How can I tell which doctor is right?”

DrG:  There are several critical breast measurements that I take in order to determine whether a large breast implant is sufficient to lift the breast or if in fact a breast lift would be the better option.

Patient:  “I had breast augmentation 2 months ago and I am still waiting for my implants to drop. My surgeon said I need to give it more time. What do you think?”

DrG:  My philosophy is that the surgeon must leave the implants exactly where he or she wants them to be at the time of surgery, or else expect to have a disappointed patient most of the time. When the surgeon is waiting for an implant to move on its own after surgery, the patient has only a 1 out of 9 chance that both implants will drop into the correct position.  At this point, something additional may have to be done to move the implant into a better position.


Patient: “Who makes and what is meant by Gummy Bear Implants?”

DrG: Like so many other American born phrases, (mommy make over, tummy tuck, Brazilian butt lift), the grass roots term “gummy bear” provides a visual, sensual and tactile description of the look, feel and density of the new textured surface—highly cohesive silicone gel breast implants. “Gummy bear” refers to the properties of the gel, not which company makes the implant.  I like these silicone implants more than saline because they feel more lifelike, they keep their shape and they are much less likely to leak and shrink as compared to saline implants.

Patient:  “I can’t decide between round vs. breast shaped implants. What are the differences?”

DrG:  A breast implant not only contributes volume to the breast but it also imparts shape. The smooth round implants are easier for the doctor to put in, and for that reason are popular among plastic surgeons. Many patients have come to regard the “high profile/high projection” augmented look of the round implant to be the desired goal without giving any thought to what is going to look natural.  A breast shaped implant will always provide a more natural looking result. I have been a FDA approved clinical investigator doing research with the breast shaped silicone implants since 1999, and I have the most experience of anyone in Nevada—I really like the natural looking results you get with them.

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  • Susan Lambert Cassity.

    Hi Dr Gordon.
    You did my first breast augmentation when I lived in Vegas. I breast fed twin boys and had them redone in 2007. It has been 10 years since the plastic surgeon in Louisville, KY redone my implants. I was told that the saline implant may need to be replaced after 10 years. I will fly to Vegas and let you do the surgery if I need to have them replaced. I was thinking of trying the silicon implant this time around. Please share information that can help me make this decision.

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