Q: Why Dr. Gordon for my Facial procedure?

A: Racial Diversity

Dr. Gordon does not  “…discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation…” But Dr. Gordon recognizes that when it comes to the face, Race DOES matter. Simply stated, the face reveals the race of the individual. Race is defined as the physical characteristics of a group of people that distinguishes them from other groups. In plastic surgery it is the physical characteristics that we are altering.  Unlike any other part of the body, with facial procedures we have to be aware of the racial features that determine what changes are possible.. How do we categorize the shape and other physical traits of the nose; the orbits; the forehead? Is the face flat, concave  or convex? Are the jaws big and projecting; is one jaw too far forward or back; is the chin a ‘Jay Leno’ or small and receding? Is the hair curly or straight?

Dr. Gordon has acquired in depth knowledge about the physical characteristics of the face from a variety of sources. Dr. Gordon has spent months in course study with Dr. Gerald Sampson and Dr. Robert Ricketts, renowned professors of Orthodontics where he learned cephalometric facial analysis including study of the relationship between the jaws and the rest of the face. This was followed by a year of fellowship training in cosmetic surgery of the face and facial skeleton in Mexico City with Dr. Ortiz-Monasterio and the departments of plastic surgery and orthodontics.

The type, purpose and direction of cosmetic procedures to enhance facial features in Caucasian patients are well established and understood by most plastic surgeons, including Dr. Gordon.  Making these procedures applicable to other races has been a fruitful and exciting challenge. Over a 15 year period while practicing in Atlanta GA, Dr. Gordon designed and mastered surgical procedures to improve the appearance of the eyelids, cheeks and nose in Asian patients, and the nose, lips and chin in Black patients. This has included travel to Korea, Thailand and Africa to learn from and teach fellow physicians.  Dr. Gordon has mastered procedures to improve the aging neck in men, and methods to feminize the face in the Transgender population.

Dr. Gordon still travels and spends days at a time learning advanced facial rejuvenation procedures such as the best skin care products, Botox, lasers, use of all of the different facial fillers,  fat grafting of the face, and  face lift techniques one on one from master surgeons. Dr. Gordon has given countless papers and discussions at national meetings on a variety of cosmetic facial surgery topics with particular reference to Black, Asian and Hispanic people.

Just as the primary colors red, blue and yellow mix to provide all of the colors we see, the primary races Asian, Black, and Caucasian have given rise to all of the beautiful racial mixtures of people we see . Understanding which of these facial features can or should be altered remains a never ending course of study for Dr. Gordon

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