Body Lift

Body lift is an operation which removes a “belt” of skin and fat from the midsection of the body and then the gap is closed, lifting the lower bod. This operationis particularly popular after massive weight loss.

Primarily as a result of the great strides that have been made in weight loss surgery (bariatric surgery) we now have Americans who have successfully lost 100-200 lbs. or more! What that means cosmetically speaking is that a person could have gone down as much as 10 dress or suit sizes or more without the benefit of having that suit (skin envelope) shrink to fit the new body. These patients literally have excess skin sliding and hanging off of their bodies. All over their bodies. It is not unusual to need everything to be lifted; face, neck, breast, arms, abdomen, midsection, buttocks, and thighs.

Lower body lifts usually incorporate outer thigh and buttock lifts along with a large abdominal skin resection. Drains and pain pumps, urinary catheters, and oral meds will be needed for several days or as long as a week after surgery. Medical clearance is a prerequisite, and must be available for our doctors to review 48 – 72hrs before surgery.