Botox and Fillers

Botox and the newer facial fillers are injectable Wrinkle Treatments which are nonsurgical procedures that can temporarily or permanently reduce mild to severe wrinkle lines that arise either because of aging, weight loss, sun or smoke damaged skin or overactive facial muscle activity. Depending upon where the wrinkle or volume loss or shift has occurred, either botox or filler and sometimes both are used. There are a variety of botulinum toxins and a great variety of facial fillers approved by the FDA. Most facial wrinkle lines, sagging skin, and areas of volume loss can be improved. Which specific product works best and where is largely a matter of plastic surgeon preference. Most of the fillers and all of the botulinum preparations are temporary ( lasting up to 2 years). Bellafil is the first and only filler that is permanent.

Since the beginning of civilization, mankind has tried in various ways to improve and maintain a youthful appearance. For a variety of reasons and causes, aging of the skin with loss of underlying soft tissue volume and bone has been a little stressful for people around the world. With modern technology, there are several excellent procedures available to correct skin depressions such as deep furrows and wrinkles on the face or lips, or loss of subcutaneous fat (face or hands). Depressions on other areas of the body can also be corrected by fat grafting, or use of filler materials. In addition, commercially available dermal fillers made of Hyaluronic acid, (Juvederm) have become very popular, because these are office procedures, not surgical procedures and they are quickly performed. Dermal fillers are great for areas requiring modest amounts of volume.