Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a surgical procedure in which the buttock area of the body is made to look enhanced (larger, more curvaceous), either by adding volume to the buttocks or by subtracting fat from the waist area or both. Volume can be added to the buttocks by injection of fat, or by placing a specially designed silicone implant into the buttock muscle. Dr. Gordon does not use any implants for butt augmentation, only fat.

Brazilian Butt Lifts Are They For You?

The result of a well planned and executed butt lift surgery is a more sexually appealing body due to the presence of improved body proportions, fullness and curves. It is well documented that youthful fullness in sexual areas of the body such as the eyes, lips, breasts and buttock regions are regarded as indicators of vitality, youth and sexuality.

Dr. Gordon has been doing buttock augmentations with fat for nearly a decade. During this time he has sought out and visited master surgeons to watch them operate in their own environment and learn the details of how they obtain the great results that Dr. Gordon wanted for his patients. It is through experiences like these that Dr. Gordon gained a great depth of understanding of not only the technique, but the principles of a particular operation as the master surgeon sees it.

Dr. Gordon has successfully grown into a master butt lift surgeon in his own right by making significant improvements in the survival of the grafted fat. In Dr. Gordon’s hands, usually 85-90% of the grafted fat survives. Most patients believe the primary objective is to graft as much fat as possible into the butt. The fat grafting certainly must be done well, but a careful, well thought out liposuction is even more important. Dr. Gordon tells his patients that the fat grafting is the” icing”, but the liposuction is the” cake”. It is not possible or necessary to communicate how much fat can be grafted, how much will survive, or what the final appearance will look like. Dr. Gordon tells his patients that the idea is to uncover the muscles and skeleton by removing the excess fat from around the midsection, and then artistically inject the fat into the hip and buttock areas consistent with the patient’s wishes for butt enhancement.

It has been suggested that buttock implants can be used instead of fat for buttock enhancement, particularly in very thin individuals who don’t have much fat. The complication rate from butt implants is high, and the results are not natural looking. Some surgeons suggest that borderline-thin patients gain weight before butt lift surgery, but Dr. Gordon’s opinion is that fat which is easily gained is easily lost, and once a patient drifts down to their normal weight, the butt enhancement will be diminished or lost.
With breast augmentation we have bra sizes for reference, and breast implants which give us reliable, predictable results because implant volumes are stable. Not so with butt augmentation. For this reason, Dr. Gordon has developed a system which analyses the body type of the patient, and determines, together with the patient, what will be the best approach to liposuction, and how the fat graft should be distributed throughout the buttock region. Preop photos are taken in multiple views weeks before the surgery and a “dress rehearsal” of the surgery is always done prior to the actual procedure. The results with Dr. Gordon’s buttock augmentations just keep getting better and better.

Unfortunately not everyone is a good candidate for Brazilian Butt lift surgery. Some women are substantially overweight while others simply do not have enough fat. The ideal candidate falls somewhere in between. The importance of a good diet and physical exercise should not be ignored; however the Brazilian Butt lift gives the ideal candidate an athletic appearance without 5 days a week at the gym…

Why Choose Dr Gordon for Brazilian Butt Lifts

It’s all about the results!  80% of Dr. Gordon’s butt lift patients have seen live examples (not just pictures) of his work.

The Brazilian Butt lift is a popular, non-medical term that refers more to the appearance of the human body than to a particular means by which that appearance is obtained. Both physicians and personal trainers like to use “Brazilian butt lift” terminology in describing the results of the work they do, however there are significant differences in the final appearance. Personal trainers coach dedicated clients into having “Pro body builder” type bodies by using weight training, cardio and tight dietary control. Trainers help their clients lose fat and build muscle, but it takes a very long time, the bodies look toned, but not particularly curvaceous and the bodies lack the softness and femininity of a well done lipo/fat graft.

Surgical butt lifts most commonly consists of liposuction of the abdomen, waist and lower back, and injection of the collected fat into the buttock area. The results are immediate and continue to develop over several months.