What is Breast Lift

An operation performed on a sagging (ptotic) breast designed to lift the breast and reduce or eliminate the sagging. A constant feature of the operation is that breast skin is subtracted in strategic areas to make the skin –container of the breast smaller, and the breast less saggy. The breast cup size will change very little if any, after mastopexy unless a pre-existing breast implant is removed at the time of the mastopexy.

Why Breast Lifts

Breast lift surgery most often includes both a breast augmentation in order to restore the lost volume and a breast lift (subtraction of breast skin) to eliminate the excess stretched skin that come about with pregnancy or aging.  Sometimes all that is done is the lift if the patient doesn’t need or want to have implants. Obviously the plastic surgeon must master the breast augmentation part of this combo before he/she takes on the more complicated lift.

20 years ago there were no good operations to lift and augment the breast, and until recently there was no good way to determine the severity of breast sagginess (ptosis). Without a reliable method to indicate the severity of the ptosis, it is very difficult for the plastic surgeon to know which combination of breast implant and lift procedure would be best for the patient.

Who Are Breast Lifts For

Women are candidates for breast lifts and breast augmentation in Las Vegas if their breast gland is too low on the chest, if the gland folds over and rests on the chest, or if the nipples are too low. Adult women of all ages and body types may require breast lifts, even women in their twenties. Fundamentally, a breast lift is the subtraction of sufficient skin from the breast to cause the breast skin envelope to “fit” the breast gland properly. It is sort of like having a dress altered after a significant weight loss.

Child bearing with or without breast feeding is the most common cause for saggy changes in breast shape, because of loss of breast fat, and stretching of the breast skin envelope. In addition, weight loss, genetic “soft collagen” and advancing age can all cause or contribute to breast sagging. More and more we see young single women in their 20’s consulting for breast lifts and breast augmentation, because the shape and position of the breast is greatly improved, and the scars typically become almost invisible after about two (2) years.