Breast Reduction

What is Breast Reduction?

An operation to reduce the volume and size of an excessively large breast.  Back pain, shoulder grooves caused by bra straps and wetness and/or rash underneath the large heavy breasts causes women to want breast reduction. Both skin and breast tissue are strategically removed from the breast, the areola is made smaller, and the breast is lifted .

Why Breast Reduction ?

While listed as a cosmetic surgery Las Vegas procedure, many women have breast reduction to reduce back and shoulder pain associated with breasts that are too large. Dr. Gordon will discuss a variety of surgical procedures which reduce the breast including breast liposuction. Prior to breast reduction in Las Vegas, pre-medication to relax the patient is administered and breasts are carefully marked to indicate where the incisions are to be made, and the surgical procedure is reviewed. Dr. Gordon specializes in a limited scar breast reduction in Las Vegas whereby the only scars are around the nipple and straight down to the fold. The nipple, areola (dark pink area circling the nipple) and tissue below are relocated but not detached. Small sutures are used to close the incisions. This technique is very popular in Europe and South America. For more extensive reductions a third incision underneath the breast in the fold will be necessary. A breast reduction in Las Vegas can take four hours depending on the extent of the surgery.