Ear Surgery

Otoplasty is a surgical procedure to restore normal ear position relative to the head and face and recreate (absent) folds in the ear cartilage to make the ear look normal. A variety of different techniques and approaches may be used to reshape ears affected by congential under development of the ear or to repair ears damaged by earring accidents or gauges. Each individual seeking otoplasty is unique both in terms of the appearance of their ears and expectations for results following otoplasty surgery.

Prominent or protruding ears can be a source of embarrassment and mental anguish for many people, especially children. In the past few decades, thousands of individuals have been physically as well as psychologically helped through a surgical procedure called otoplasty. Otoplasty, sometimes described as “pinning back” the ears, is designed to change their shape and contour. It may be performed on anyone over the age of five or six years old, the age at which ear growth is almost complete. For those children with severely protruding ears, it is recommended that the surgery be performed at an early age before they are subjected to psychological stress related to the condition. Adults comprise nearly 50% of patients undergoing otoplasty.