Neck Lift

What do they say? 60 is the new 40? As the “baby boomers” and “generation X” continue to age, we see a continuing commitment to the pursuit of an active, healthy lifestyle which includes maintaining a youthful appearance. Many of us either choose to or have to remain in our jobs well past 60 years old. Despite our desires to stay young looking, genetic influences, exposure to the sun, weight gain, smoking and weakening of ligaments will cause the face and neck to age. The aging neck usually has separation of the neck muscles producing vertical bands which pop out when you smile or grimace, and either extra loose skin, or extra fatty tissue hanging under the chin (or both).

In the younger individual, the neck is firm and smooth due to fatty tissue & muscle directly beneath the skin and youthful skin elasticity. As an individual ages, the skin and underlying tissues lose elasticity and the muscle starts to form long vertical bands in the neck, and large fatty deposits can accumulate beneath the chin. Skin folds become more prominent, particularly around the chin, and the jaw line of the neck. Necklift incisions can be under the chin, on the front of the neck, or in front of the ear. The essential features of most neck lifts include repositioning of the muscles to correct the vertical bands, and subtraction of excess skin and fat through discrete incisions.

Neck lifts, can be performed as solo, “stand alone” procedures (men), or combined with face & brow lifts to give both men and women the youthful appearance they desire.

It is not unusual for male patients to simply want the large hanging “turkey gobbler” neck made better, and in these instances this can be done using a vertical “zig- zag” or straight line incision on the front of the neck which actually heals quite nicely leaving a fine line white scar.

Other specialized treatment recipes for the neck include Botox injections for the vertical muscle banding seen when people smile or grimace, liposuction for fat under the chin, and limited skin subtraction techniques to tighten the skin under the chin.