Get the Body of Your Dreams with Breast Augmentation

Get the Body of Your Dreams with Breast Augmentation

There is a reason why Breast Augmentation is one of the most frequently performed cosmetic surgeries in America if not the world. Men represent power and protection, and women embody beauty and maternity. Without a doubt, the breast, more than any other body feature most clearly defines a person as being male or female. The face, of course, defines the sex as well, but we are focusing on the femininity of the body, not the head or face. Women certainly can be and are major professional figures, CEO’s, heads of households, and hold political office, but most women still want to look feminine.

When a woman day dreams about her body, more often than not she is primarily interested in breast augmentation, with or without a breast lift depending upon whether her breasts are saggy or not. In American Society, wherever a woman goes, whether it’s the grocery store, church or a PTA meeting, she needs to be dressed appropriately and feel comfortable about her appearance. Her breasts need to be symmetrical and of a reasonable size. If she lives in a warm climate, she may need or want to wear low necklines, show a little cleavage to simply be comfortable in the summer heat. Many working women such as cocktail or food servers, restaurant hostesses, bartenders, card dealers or entertainers directly or indirectly earn their living in part based upon an attractive female form. There is nothing shameful or low class about wearing comfortable clothing.

If we take a look at a large number of possible bra sizes, it is fairly obvious that a 34-C is pretty much the center of the bra universe. Quite a few women are 34-C or smaller and don’t want to appear left out when it comes to boob size. Regardless of age, social standing or occupation, American women want to look well proportioned and healthy. They want to have a curvaceous figure and look fit. American women usually do not want to look top heavy or have a chest that looks like boys’.

A few specifics to bear in mind as you dream about breast augmentation:

  1. The surgery ideally should be done under general anesthesia administered by a physician certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology, and take place in an accredited surgery center.
  2. Your surgeon ideally should be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Look for his or her framed Board Certificate. It looks a lot like a diploma. It’s okay to ask to see it.
  3. Your best bet for an implant is a silicone gel implant, placed under the pectorals muscle if you are a “first timer.” Forget about saline implants unless you have budgetary constraints.
  4. Your surgeon, not his appointee, should spend enough face to face time with you that you know he or she really does know what they are doing, you have a bond of trust, and you have a good understanding of everything that is about to occur. Be sure that your surgeon votes on the implant selection, because if anything goes wrong, you don’t want it thrown in your face that ”..That’s the implant you asked for [picked]…”. When it comes to fitting an implant, the surgeon is the expert in the room, not you.
  5. An increase of approximately 2 cup sizes is customary. When a woman seeks to be 3 or more cup sizes larger she is asking for problems, and likewise if the goal is only 1 cup size or less she may be headed for disappointment.

So, go ahead and dream about your breast augmentation. Thinking about your surgery is a wise and proper thing to do if you only want to do the surgery once. And after you have thought it over contact:

Stephen Gordon, MD of Las Vegas NV “Your experienced plastic surgeon.”

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