What are the Benefits of Breast Augmentation?

What are the Benefits of Breast Augmentation?

Benefits of Breast AugmentationTo get a breast augmentation, you have to take time off from your daily routine, get some prescriptions filled, arrange for your caregiver, endure some physical discomfort, be put to sleep and possibly take out a loan to pay for the surgery!! So we do need to be able to see substantial benefits to having breast augmentation.

Let’s suppose we are speaking about a woman of average height who is less than a B cup size, and as a consequence has multiple issues. The most under rated benefit to breast augmentation is that in most instances it makes it easier for the woman to find and buy attractive clothing that fits her well without the need for alterations. Not having boobs big enough to fill out the top of the dress, blouse, or suit jacket can make clothes shopping a nightmare because alterations which entail fabric subtraction are difficult, expensive and frequently will change the character and drape of the garment. She can easily be stuck with a garment that doesn’t look right and cannot be exchanged.

In quite a few instances, a simple breast augmentation is the only thing needed to transform an introverted, withdrawn woman into someone much more outgoing and sociable because of the boost derived from her new and enhanced self-image and confidence. When a woman knows she is not only smart and capable, but attractive and well proportioned, she becomes a woman who seizes her power, and is decidedly less likely to make poor life choices related to low self-esteem. I see this type of transformation all the time, and it is very beneficial. Looking and feeling good makes for a healthy self-esteem and facilitates success.

I know that some of my readers might object to any suggestion that another person should have any influence on a woman’s decision to have breast augmentation. In principle, I tend to agree with that, especially if pleasing another is the driving force behind the decision to augment one’s breast. However a well-done breast augmentation not only is a pleasing benefit to the patient, but it also has the added benefit of bringing happiness to the significant other. Most significant others are sensitive and wise enough not to push the patient into breast augmentation, but that doesn’t mean they don’t recognize and experience the joy once it’s done.

The final benefit to breast augmentation worth sharing is that breast augmentation makes it easier for breast self-examination and easier for the radiologist to do mammograms or other imaging studies of the breast. Breast implants do not cause or contribute to the development of breast cancer. Breast cancer is very much a problem and early detection is the key to successful management. Breast cancer strikes women as early as their late twenties, and a family history of breast cancer must be respected. American women are supposed to be familiar with the benefits of breast self-examination which becomes much easier if the breast tissue is resting on top of a smooth even implant surface that projects the breast tissue away from the ribs. Placement of an implant between the breast tissue and the ribs is beneficial because it eliminates any confusion about whether a lump that the woman feels is a breast lump or a rib. Likewise, when the radiologist images the breast using mammograms, ultrasound or MRI, it is very helpful for the implant to separate breast tissue from ribs and lungs.

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